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This tutorial is a step-by-step walk-through of Jobulator Mobile for Kindle where you will learn how to download and activate Jobulator.

Jobulator - Download

To begin using Jobulator mobile on your Kindle Fire, tap Apps from the menu at the top of your home screen.


There, choose Store in the upper right hand corner to open the Amazon Appstore.   


Once in the Appstore, tap the magnifying lens to search for “Jobulator.”


Tap Jobulator Mobile from the search results.


To download the application onto your device, tap the Download button.


Once the download is complete, choose to Open Jobulator Mobile.

Jobulator - Activation

After downloading Jobulator from the Appstore, the program will most likely ask you to enter your user information. 

If you have downloaded the Jobulator program but you do not see it open on your device, open your apps and find Jobulator. Then, tap Jobulator to open the app.


Enter your User ID and pin number.  (Your User ID is the email address that you used to sign up for Jobulator.)

Finally, tap Login.


As soon as the email address and pin have been verified, your Jobulator mobile app activates and Jobulator begins polling for jobs at a default rate of once every minute.


Jobulator runs even when it is in the background, so you can have other apps open or have the screen off and Jobulator will notify you of available positions. 

Exceptions include when…

  • Your device isn’t powered on.
  • You haven’t activated/launched the Jobulator app.
  • You are blocking notifications through parental controls, data connection, quiet time, or volume settings.

Jobulator - Tab Navigation

The main tool to navigate through the Jobulator app is the Navigation Bar at the bottom of the screen.  You will notice five main sections: Jobs, Messages, Calendar, Settings, and Help. Tapping on any of these icons will take you to the main screen of that portion of the mobile app.


Jobs: This tab is where you can view, accept, and reject jobs.

Messages: This tab allows you to view your Web alerts, Notifications, and Jobulator messages all directly within the app!

Calendar: Allows you quick access to see which days you have already booked. (You can also touch the Online Calendar button to log directly into Absence and Substitute Management (formerly Aesop) to view more specific details of jobs you have already accepted.)

Settings: Allows to to better customize the display and sound on your device!

Help: Allow you to test the Jobulator app as well as log out of Jobulator.

Jobulator - Jobs Screens

The Jobs screen displays a summary of each available job: the shift type, the position, the employee’s name, the school, the school district and the start date and time of the absence.

New Jobulator Shift Icons

In this view, you can choose to view more details by tapping on the job information. 

Take note, some Kindle Fire devices will allow you to also reject a job directly from the main jobs screen. 

The Reject button will appear if you swipe from right to left on the job information. *This feature is not available on first and second generation Kindle Fire devices.


The Details screen will allow you to see job notes, get directions, accept, and reject the job.

Tap the “Jobs” tab or use the Kindle back button if you wish to return to the main Jobs screen.


You must enter the correct PIN in the white PIN box before tapping the accept button, and you can choose whether or not you would like Jobulator to automatically enter this PIN for you. 

Once the PIN is entered correctly, tap Accept. If the job is accepted and assigned to you, Jobulator will display an “Accepted” message.

The job’s confirmation number, notes, and lesson plans will all be displayed.

The details of the Job can be added to your mobile device's calendar app using the Add to Calendar button, and the job is also viewable on your Absence Management homepage and interactive calendar.


Tap the Jobs tab or use the Kindle back button to return to the main Jobs screen.

Jobulator - Messages Screen

The next tab on Jobulator is "Messages". Jobulator will display three types of messages: Notifications, Jobulator Messages, and Web Alerts from your school district(s).

Notifications will display for any positions that have had the start time changed or for jobs where you are no longer needed.


Employees may occasionally change their plans and decide to not take an already scheduled absence. Jobulator informs you when this occurs and prompts you to click Acknowledge to indicate the reception of the message.


Jobulator Messages are notifications from the Jobulator team concerning updates, planned maintenance, features, etc. These messages do not need to be acknowledged.

You will also receive messages that your district’s Absence Management administrators post to your Absence Management homepage. These messages will be posted under the Web Alerts tab.

Jobulator - Calendar Screens

The Calendar tab offers quick access to a monthly view of all your accepted jobs and non-work days.  Accepted jobs are displayed in blue, standard non-work days are displayed in gray, and yellow days are non-work days automatically created by a business rule set up by your school district. 

Tap the Online Calendar button to log in directly to your Absence Management account. Once there, you can view the job details on the interactive calendar.


Jobulator - Settings Screens

The "Settings" tab allows you to control the program’s behavior, sound preferences, and version of the Jobulator program. Please note that settings apply as soon as they are changed. You do not need to tap a “Save” button on Jobulator Mobile.


Check Automatically - When turned on, this setting allows your application to continue to run in the background to allow Jobulator to continuously check your Absence Management account for jobs that are posted there. By adjusting the Check every minute section, you can slow down the refresh rate that Jobulator refreshes at to save on your battery.

Play Sounds - Allows you to tell your app to play sounds when new jobs arrive at that particular point in time!

Sound - By tapping the sound selection to the right of sound, you will be able to view a list of sounds within the application that you would be able to choose from. You can also choose your own sound from your Android device!

Theme - This settings allows you to choose between day or night settings which will change the coloration of the app.

Job List Font - Some users like to see a larger list of their jobs while others would like to see the job details appear in a larger format. To accommodate our users, we created this setting which will allow you to choose whether you want to display your jobs as larger or smaller in the "Jobs" tab.

Jobulator - Help Screen

The Jobulator "Help" tab will allow you to test your Jobulator application to ensure the sounds display and that new jobs display on the "Jobs" tab. This section also contains the "Logout of Jobulator" selection which will log you out of your Jobulator account.


Jobulator - Other Features and Controls


Jobulator mobile for Kindle uses your device’s standard notification feature to notify you of available positions. If your screen is off (the device must be powered on) or you are using another app, you will receive an audible notification sound.

The notification icon will appear in the notification bar at the top of the screen. Open Jobulator by either tapping the app icon or by dragging the notification bar down from top to bottom and tapping the Jobulator notification.



As with the desktop version, your Kindle Fire will allow you to create a shortcut icon on your home screen.

To create a shortcut, open your apps and then press and hold the Jobulator icon. After a moment, a menu will appear. Tap Add to Home from the menu.  


Jobulator will then be added to your home shortcut screen.

On your home page, swipe up from the bottom to the top of your screen to see the shortcut. 

Take note, the main carousel displays recent items. If you use Jobulator regularly, it may appear in the carousel.



Jobulator uses Google maps when you select the Map button for a particular school.  If you have saved your address in the General Settings, the map will automatically provide directions from the address that you entered to the school.


Test My Jobulator

You can test your Jobulator sounds by clicking the "Help" tab and choosing Test My Jobulator App


The first thing Jobulator will test is your connection to the service. Once it connects successfully, acknowledge by tapping OK.

You will then have the option to test your notification sound or send a test job. To test your sounds, click the Test Notification Sound button. Jobulator will then prompt you through adjusting your sound settings.


Jobulator will also allow you to send yourself a test job. First, click Send a Test Job. You will notice a notification appear at the top of your screen. Pull down your notifications and select the notification from Jobulator.


You will then see the Test Job in your list of Jobs. Tap it to view the details, accept, or reject.


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