Kindle Installation

This tutorial is a step-by-step walk-through of Jobulator Mobile for Kindle. You will learn how to download and activate Jobulator.

Jobulator - Download

To begin using Jobulator mobile on your Kindle Fire, tap Apps from the menu at the top of your home screen.


There, choose Store in the upper right hand corner to open the Amazon Appstore.


Once in the Appstore, tap the magnifying lens to search for “Jobulator.


Tap Jobulator Mobile from the search results.


To download the application onto your device, tap the Download button.


Once the download is complete, choose to Open Jobulator Mobile.

Jobulator - Activation

After downloading Jobulator from the Appstore, the program will most likely ask you to enter your user information.


If you have downloaded the Jobulator program but you do not see it open on your device, open your apps and find Jobulator

Then, tap Jobulator to open the app.


Select the country where your school district is located.  (There is currently one exception to this standard country code: substitutes in the Edmonton Catholic Schools should select United States even though the district is in Canada.)  

Enter your User ID and pin number. (Your User ID is the email address that you used to sign up for Jobulator.)

Finally, tap Login.


As soon as the email address and pin number have been verified, your Jobulator mobile app activates and Jobulator begins polling for jobs at a default rate of once every minute.

Jobulator runs even when it is in the background, so you can have other apps open or have the screen off and Jobulator will notify you of available positions. 

Exceptions include when…

  • Your device isn’t powered on.
  • You haven’t activated/launched the Jobulator app.
  • You are blocking notifications through parental controls, data connection, quiet time, or volume settings.
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