Windows & Mac Installation Guide

This tutorial is a step-by-step walk through of the installation process of Jobulator, including the Adobe® Air® platform necessary to use Jobulator. You will learn how to sign up for the free trial, download the application, and purchase the Jobulator service.

Step 1 - Sign Up for the Free Trial

*If you have a current subscription and would like to download the new Jobulator application, skip to step 2.*

To begin using Jobulator, go to and click on the Start Free Trial button. Fill out the required fields, which includes selecting the type of recurring payment plan subscription you wish to begin automatically once your free trial ends, and click the Start Your Free Trial button. 

After clicking the Start Your Free Trial button, Jobulator will list any of your school districts that have allowed us to offer the Jobulator service to you. Finally, this page also includes the link to install Jobulator.

Once you are ready to install Jobulator, proceed to step 2 of this document.

Step 2 - Download and Install Jobulator

*Make sure that you sign up for the free trial before you begin the download process.*

**If you previously signed up for the free trial and need to download the new Jobulator application, click the Menu tab on the right hand side of the Jobulator website ( and go to the “Desktop app” section that appears in the pop-out bar.**

***Jobulator is also compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can find the download instructions for those devices by clicking the Menu tab on the right hand side of the Jobulator website ( and selecting the Help tab.***

Click the Click to Download & Install Jobulator link to begin downloading Jobulator.


Jobulator will check to see if you have Adobe® Air® (the platform that Jobulator runs on) installed on your computer. If you do not, you will be asked to install it. Choose Yes.


When asked if you want to open or save this file, choose Open. 


Adobe® Air® will ask if you are sure that you want to install the Jobulator program. Click the Install button.


The installer will then provide a number of installation preferences. The Jobulator team recommends that you select all options. Then, click the Continue button.


If you are installing Adobe® Air® for the first time, read the License Agreement and click the I Agree button.


The new Jobulator application will ask for your Activation Key and pin number. The Activation Key is posted on the sign-up screen (see Step 1 of these instructions). If you have already closed that page, you can also find your Activation Key by going to the “My Account” page of our website (

Enter your Activation Key and pin number and click the Submit button.

It’s as easy as that! Once again, be sure to sign up for the service under the Free Trial tab; otherwise your Jobulator program will not work for you.

Step 3 - Purchase the Jobulator Service 

When signing up for a free 14-day trial, you selected a recurring payment plan to begin when your free trial ends. If you wish to switch or cancel your recurring payment plan before your free trial ends and your selected subscription begins, you have the option to do so by going to My Account at

Sign into the My Account portion of the Jobulator website, enter the email address that you gave during the sign-up process and enter your pin number.

Under My Account, you will find the following: your account information, the districts who have allowed us to offer you Jobulator, your subscription expiration date, and the option to renew your service.

When you are ready to purchase a subscription, whether it is switching your current payment plan or renewing your account, all you will need to do is click the Change Payment Plan button or the Renew Now button at the bottom of the My Account page. 

You will have the option to renew/purchase your subscription as either a monthly or yearly subscription. Jobulator subscriptions are offered in recurring monthly ($5.99 per month) or yearly ($49.99 per year) renewals. Jobulator subscriptions are set up with an automatic recurring payment profile which means that each subscription is automatically renewed, so you won’t risk missing a month (or year) of Jobulator! If you sign up and decide later on that you'd like to cancel the recurring payments, you can do so at any time!

Once you have clicked the Change Payment Plan button or Renew Now button, you will receive a subscription receipt. Upon going to your account, you will notice that Jobulator has added a month (or year) to your expiration date.

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