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This tutorial is a step-by-step walk-through of Jobulator where you will learn how to log into Jobulator, view and accept available jobs, view messages, adjust your settings and update your Jobulator program.

Jobulator – Login and Size

After downloading Jobulator, the program will most likely ask you to enter your account information. No jobs are showing because you have not logged in yet.          


If you have downloaded the Jobulator program, but you do not see it on your computer screen, either click on the Jobulator shortcut icon on your desktop or select Jobulator from your programs list on a PC or your applications list on a Mac.            

PC Programs List        


MAC Applications List 


Enter your unique email address and your pin. If you don’t recall which email address you used to create your Jobulator account, please contact us here: These one-time entries verify your identity to Jobulator so the application can find and display the correct jobs for you.         

As soon as the email address and pin have been verified, your Jobulator activates, the login screen disappears and Jobulator begins polling for jobs at a default rate of once every minute.       

If you would like Jobulator to take up less space on your computer screen, you can minimize the program. To do so, double click either on the arrow next to the big blue circle or on the Jobulator logo.

Jobulator - Jobs Screens

The job screen displays a summary of each available job:  the school building, the district name, the teacher name, the employee title, the shift type and the date and time of the absence. The jobs for which you have not already clicked the “Details” button display in black; any jobs you have clicked but not taken action on will display in gray.

In this view, you can choose to view more details on the job (click Details) or reject the job (click Reject).

Please note: Clicking “Reject” will remove the job from your available jobs in both Jobulator and Frontline Education's Absence and Substitute Management (formerly Aesop).     

To view more details of a particular job, click the Details button corresponding to that job. The details screen will allow you to see any job notes, directions to the job, accept the job, reject the job or return to the job details view. 

To accept the job, you must enter your pin in the box at the bottom of the application. Pin entry is used to verify that it is actually you accepting the job. Then click Accept.

If the job is successfully accepted and assigned to you, Jobulator displays an “Accepted” message, your assignment’s confirmation number and lesson plans from the teacher. You are also able to view the accepted job in your Absence Management account. Additionally, if Frontline's Absence Management feature knows your email address, it will automatically send you an email with your Confirmation Number, letting you know that you successfully accepted the job via Jobulator.          

Click the Go Back button to go back to the Jobs screen.

Jobulator - Messages Screens

The next tab on Jobulator is Messages.  Jobulator will display three types of messages: Notifications, Jobulator Messages and Web Alerts from your school districts.

The "Messages" tab will display the number of messages waiting for you that you have either not read or not acknowledged.

Notifications will be displayed to communicate any positions that you are no longer needed for.

From time to time, employees change their plans and decide not to take an already scheduled absence. When that is the case, Jobulator will notify you and ask you to acknowledge that you received the message. Once acknowledged, the number in the messages tab will be reduced and the Notifications label will stop flashing.          

Jobulator Messages are notifications from the Jobulator team. We will be notifying you concerning updates, planned maintenance, features, etc. These messages do not need acknowledged. Simply clicking on the "Jobulator Messages" tab to view the message will reduce the number on this tab and stop the Jobulator Messages label from flashing.    

The "Web Alerts" tab displays any messages your district's Absence Management Administrators have posted to your Absence Management homepage. Once again, simply clicking on the "Web Alerts" tab to view the message will reduce the number on this tab and stop the Web Alerts label from flashing.          

Jobulator - settings Screens

The "Settings" tab will allow you to control the program behavior, sound preferences and version of the Jobulator program. The first sub tab includes your General Settings options. You can check the box to have Jobulator remember your pin so you don’t need to enter it when accepting a job. You can also choose to keep Jobulator on top of other windows, which means even when you open other programs, Jobulator will stay visible.

You can also check the box to have Jobulator launch automatically anytime you turn on your computer. The Refresh Interval is how often Jobulator will ask your Absence Management account if there are any jobs waiting for you. For the quickest searching, set the refresh interval to one minute. 

Please note that if you make any changes, you must click the Save Settings button to apply and keep those changes. Click the Restore Defaults button to go back to Jobulator’s default settings.   

The Sound Settings control the sound settings of your Jobulator program. We recommend that you check the box beside "Play Audio Alert when new jobs arrive." You can also change the sound files that the program uses by clicking on the browse button () to the right of the sound you are wishing to change. New Jobs Sound is the sound file that plays when a new job arrives in your application.           

The final Settings tab is the "About" tab. The About screen will display the version of Jobulator that you are currently running in the upper right hand corner of the window. It will also allow you to check for new updates by clicking the Install Newest Version button.          

Jobulator - Help Screen

Jobulator offers quick access to your questions’ answers. The Help page includes links to Account Details, Test your Jobulator, Edit Sound and Preferences and Get More Help.

Review the following chart to identify the use for each option.        

Jobulator - Other Features

Jobulator includes a few other features to help with everyday use of Jobulator. You can control the program’s sound with the Volume Controls in the upper right hand corner of the program. The sound can be muted by clicking on the volume button. The muted Jobulator will have a gray button rather than blue. You can also adjust the volume by placing the mouse over the sound button. A volume mixer slide will appear. Be sure to also check your computer and speaker volume when adjusting Jobulator’s volume level.  

Your Jobulator program also has a Connection Indicator in the lower left hand corner of the display.  When the connection indicator is lit blue, Jobulator is connected.

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