Kindle Settings

This tutorial provides some helpful hints for adjusting the settings on your Kindle Fire.  Please note the each Kindle Fire model provides a slightly different look and menu options. Finding your Kindle Fire Settings

To view your device’s settings, swipe down from the top of the screen and select Settings.             


Important Kindle Fire Volume and Sound Settings

To adjust your notification volume, use the external volume controls (2nd Generation Kindle Fire HD and above) or choose Display & Sounds from the Kindle’s Settings menu. There, slide the volume control to set your preferred volume level. 


You can also select the default notification sound for your device and Jobulator notifications by tapping the Notification Sound setting.


Older Kindles also offer an option to Mute All Notifications in the Display & Sound settings. We recommend keeping this turned off as it will block Jobulator notifications.

If you prefer, you can choose your own sound file or use the Multi-Ding sound from Jobulator desktop as well. To use the Multi-Ding sound, unselect the “Use Android Default Notification Sound” check box in the settings tab of the Jobulator app.           

Important Kindle Fire Internet Settings

Jobulator mobile requires some type of internet connection in order to function properly.  You must have either Wi-Fi or a Mobile Network (3G, 4G) set up and Airplane Mode must be off.


Important Kindle Fire Parental Controls

Kindle Fire provides Parental Controls which allow you to control the content being viewed and used on the device. Unfortunately, these settings can have a significant impact on your Jobulator app. 


If you have Parental Controls turned on, please review the following problems that can occur.                

Web Browser - Blocking the Web Browser will prevent you from using aspects of Jobulator which open the web browser. This includes opening a file attachment from the teacher, opening the full Aesop calendar, and opening some Jobulator help pages.

E-mail, Contacts, Calendars - Blocking e-mail, contacts, and calendars will prevent you from being able to add shifts to your Kindle’s calendar app.

Block and Unblock Content Types:

Apps & Games - Blocking the apps & games content type will prevent you from using Jobulator altogether. Password Protect Wi-Fi - Blocking Wi-Fi will prevent Jobulator from being able to retrieve information about your available jobs.


Important Kindle Fire Quiet Time Settings

Quiet time settings on your Kindle Fire (3rd Generation and higher) will block Jobulator from audibly notifying you of available jobs when Quite Time is turned on. Many subs prefer to use this feature while sleeping, teaching, etc.

Kindle provides a number of ways to control Quiet Time on your device. First, you can simply put your device into Quiet Time mode by swiping from top to bottom on the home screen and tapping Quiet Time in the menu.  This will block your Kindle Fire from alerting you to any notifications until you turn the option off.


Your Kindle Fire also allows you to schedule quiet times and automatically go into Quiet Time mode when doing certain activities on your device.  Again, Jobulator will not  be able to notify  you of available jobs  anytime that the device is  in Quiet Time mode.

You can access Notifications and Quiet Time within your Settings, Select Quiet Time, and choose your preferences. 


Important Kindle Fire Notification Settings

Finally, within the Notifications & Quiet Time settings, you also have the ability to adjust your Jobulator notifications. Scroll down to and tap on Jobulator in the “Choose How Applications Notify You” list. 

There, please be sure to have both “Show in Notification Tray” and “Play Sounds” turned ON.

On 1st and 2nd generation Kindle Fire devices, these settings are located under the Applications settings.  There, just choose Notification Settings to turn on or off the Notifications for Jobulator.



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