No More Desktop Support?

In the past, Jobulator had a desktop version of the application. However, with the increase of mobile devices, the Jobulator team has focused on the mobile app experience. We recommend that you install the mobile app from the Apple App Store or the Android Google Play Store.

However, because we know that the Jobulator desktop application has been an important component of Jobulator's history, we want to answer some Frequently Asked Questions that you may have concerning this matter! 


Q: What is the reason for this change?

A: We all know that many new phones come out each year (and all those phones keep getting operating system updates)! Because of the pace that mobile devices are changing, the Jobulator team has decided to put our future focus into the development of our mobile applications. Furthermore, usage of the desktop app has diminished year-over-year.


Q: What does this mean? 

A: This means that the Jobulator team will no longer develop the existing Jobulator desktop application, create a new desktop application, or provide support for the Jobulator desktop application. 


Q: Will I be able to continue to use Jobulator Desktop?

A:  As the desktop app is no longer developed or supported, you will not be able to download or install the Jobulator desktop app. However, you will be able to use the mobile version of the Jobulator app on your Apple or Android devices.


We hope this information is beneficial! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team through the Submit a Request Form! 

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