We're working on the Jobulator app for Apple iOS 11

Right now, our developers are working on adjusting the sound settings on iOS. The current issue relates to the Volume settings while the app is open. 

To turn the iPhone ringer off and put the phone in silent mode, flip the mute switch found on the left-hand side of the device towards the back of the phone. This will mute the Ringer; however, when in the Jobulator app, the Volume might still be active, causing your device to sound when you wanted it silenced. 

When you need to silence Jobulator on your iPhone or iPad, we recommend that users do either of the following:

  1. Exit out of the Jobulator app by hitting the home button or opening another app.
  2. Adjust the Volume level in the Command Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. You can then move the Volume level to the silent, muted level.

When the Ringer is set to silent, Jobulator only sounds when the Jobulator app is opened and displaying on the screen. If it is closed or not displaying, it will not sound (and will only send silent notifications).

Recently, we've updated the following issues:

  • An issue with a popup stating "index.html Push notification registration successful": the popup did not prevent the functionality of the app. We recommended that users dismiss the popup and continue normally. This issue is resolved.


  • An issue preventing jobs from showing on devices running iOS 11: though alerts would sound, jobs would not show and therefore users could not accept jobs. We recommended that users did not yet upgrade to iOS 11; if they had, we urged them to accept jobs by signing into Absence Management directly upon hearing the alert. This issue is resolved.


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