Important iOS Settings

This help document is designed to give you some helpful hints for adjusting settings on your iOS-powered device. For questions beyond this document, please review your device’s help guides or contact your mobile carrier.

Finding Your iOS Settings

Tab the Settings icon on your home screen to view your device settings.


iOS Notification Settings

Your Notifications Settings host your Notification controls. Under notifications, choose Jobulator.


Here, you can adjust your notification settings. We recommend turning all settings ON and selecting the Alerts style. Alerts can appear as banners (on your homescreen) or alerts (on the lock screen).


Badge App Icon

iOS also uses the apps icon to show you when a new job is available for you. Each time a new job is found for you, the app icon will display your total number of available jobs.

Please note that there may be available jobs when there is no numeric value displayed on the icon. This number only appears when a new job has been found for you, and the number will clear when you open the Jobulator app.


The Sounds section in your device’s notification settings controls whether or not a sound will play when a notification about a new job is sent to you. Currently, there is one default sound available. 

Turning sounds to OFF in the device’s notifications settings will prevent an audible notification of jobs when you are “outside of the app.” In-app sounds (sounds when you are inside or using the app) are controlled in the Jobulator app’s settings. We encourage this setting be turned to the ON position.

View in Lock Screen

This setting controls whether you receive notifications when your screen is locked or “off.”  We encourage this setting be turned to the ON position.


Your device's volume is a final setting that can impact your notification experience. Volume can be controlled through your device's volume buttons or through the Sounds Settings on your device.


Be sure you do not have your device set to “silent” if you wish to receive audible notifications. The side of your iPhone will have the sideswitch that controls the ability of your phone to be on ring or silent. It also contains your volume control buttons. 



iOS Jobulator mobile requires some type of internet connection in order to function properly. Airplane mode must be OFF, and you must have either a Wi-Fi or Mobile Network (3G, 4G) connection set up.


You can turn on Wi-Fi and connect to a network under Settings.


Or you can check your 3G or 4G connection under Settings > General Settings > Network.



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