Clearing Your Device’s Cache (iOS Safari)



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The following steps will help you clear the cache on your iOS mobile device. Clearing the cache of your mobile browser will often resolve unusual behavior on a webpage and force the browser to pull the most up-to-date information from the site.

If the browser’s cache is cleared, it is like giving it a fresh start. For instance, these instructions will help you clear the “purple screen” after selecting Aesop Calendar from within the Jobulator application on your Apple iOS device. Once you clear this data, you should be able to arrive at the Frontline login page of your Absence Management account.

Clearing Cache for the Safari Mobile Browser

Navigate and select the Settings icon on your device.


Locate the Safari section of your Settings.


Scroll down and select Clear History and Website Data.


Confirm this update by clicking Clear History and Website Data.


For those seeking to reach the Absence Management login screen, you should be able to do so now through the Aesop Calendar link within the Jobulator application.

Here is a sample of that log in page:


If you wish to see these instructions for Android devices, please see our article here.