Connectivity Issues (Android)



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This article can assist those who may have difficulty connecting Jobulator with their Android device. There are a few different reasons why connection issues might occur, so this article outlines a few common errors and how you can potentially resolve the problem.

Sporadic Connection Issue

  Probable Cause

A sporadic connection issue means a connection error message is observed that users do not typically experience. Meaning, users can encounter an issue at various points in their usage of Jobulator, without the error message being constant or consistent. This type of connection issue is very hard to fully resolve because it is typically created by a slower connection of the device at that specific time.

  Suggested Remedy

Immediately try to resolve the experience by clearing the error message and manually refreshing the application. If this does not work, it is recommended that you seek to close the Jobulator application from running in the background on your device and then re-open it again. You can close Jobulator from running in the background by opening the section of your device that allows you to view all running apps and by swiping that app away to the left or by selecting the X that appears in the top right of the app. Once you have closed the app you can then seek to re-open it.

Slow Internet Connection

  Probable Cause

Your device has been on for an extended period of time and/or is low on memory or other resources it needs to operate at its full potential.

  Suggested Remedy

You can attempt to make your device operate faster and/or increase its memory, which can have an impact on its connection speed and overall performance. To do this, restart the device entirely by powering it off and then powering it back on. Next, remove any unused applications from the device and unused media files (e.g. photos, videos, and music, etc.). 

Continuous Connection Issue

  Probable Cause

If you are encountering a continuous connection issue on your device, this can indicate there is some setting that is preventing Jobulator from reaching out to the Absence Management servers. It is also possible that a genuine problem, under the control of your Internet Service Provider, exists.

  Suggested Remedy

"Test" the connectivity from the device by attempting to access "major" websites that are typically always available. For example, open the device's web browser and navigate to, or Observe whether or not you have the ability to make a connection and the perceived speed of the connection. 

Check that the devices Wi-Fi and Mobile Network are both "on." Some phones have difficulty transitioning between Wi-Fi and mobile networks. When the signal is equally strong, the phone has a hard time deciding which connection to use. Please try turning off either Wi-Fi or the mobile network on your device. 

Additionally, you may need to be "signed in" to a Wi-Fi network. For example, some public Wi-Fi connections allow the device to connect; however, you might need to sign in or agree to their terms and conditions to actually begin using the Internet. While the phone will show that it is connected to the wireless network, the network will not give you full access to the Internet until you sign in and/or agree to usage terms.

Background Data

  Probable Cause

There could be a limitation on the amount of data you can send/receive, restriction while operating on battery power, or setting that prevents applications from running in the "background." A background data limitation can prevent Jobulator from operating correctly. Jobulator does run in the background. However, any "App Killer" or background data limitation can limit Jobulator's ability to connect.

  Suggested Remedy

Access the "Data Usage" setting of your device and make the appropriate changes. If low battery power is suspect, plug-in the device to a wall outlet.

Other Issue

  Probable Cause

It is possible that something other than the causes listed in this article could prevent Jobulator from connecting when using your Android device.

  Suggested Remedy

Please reach out to the Frontline Education support team by submitting a support request.