Battery & Data Settings (Android)



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The settings on your mobile device can potentially affect how Jobulator functions. With this in mind, please reference the following setup to ensure your battery and data options do not restrict the Jobulator app.

Battery Settings

You will first want to ensure that your device does not disable Jobulator via a battery-based restriction. 

Access the "Settings" section of your device and select the Battery option. (Take note, you may need to access "Device Maintenance" or something similar to locate the "Battery" option.) 

Review your settings and confirm the "Power saving mode" is turned "OFF." 


Once complete, scroll further down through the "Battery" settings and select Unmonitored apps

This section identifies which apps are permitted to use as much power as needed without the device implementing a restriction. 

Click Add apps and select Jobulator from the list. This action will add Jobulator to the unmonitored list and ensure your Android device does not stop the app from operating as needed.

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Data Settings

In addition to battery settings, you can review your data usage to ensure your device does not restrict Jobulator from using the necessary data.

Open your "Settings" and select the Data Usage option. (Keep in mind, you may need to select a "Connections" option or something similar to locate "Data Usage.")

Click Wi-Fi data usage and select Jobulator from the list.


This opens the app's affiliated data options. 

Confirm that both the background data usage and unrestricted data usage options are permitted and not restricted. This will ensure that your device does not block Jobulator from gathering data through online services.