Purchasing a Subscription

Those who signed up for a free trial and have an active payment profile will be conveniently and automatically billed for their Jobulator account. If your account expired or you do not have an active recurring payment profile, you can purchase a recurring subscription to Jobulator by going to the My Account page at www.jobulator.com.


To sign in to the My Account portion of the Jobulator website, enter the email address you gave during the sign up process and your pin number and click Login.


The system will display your personal information, your districts which have allowed us to offer you Jobulator, your subscription expiration date, and the option to Renew at the bottom of the My Account screen.


When purchasing a subscription to Jobulator, note that the default subscription is set to "Monthly." If you would instead like to purchase an Annual subscription, you will need to click "tap to switch to annual billing."


Once you have chosen Monthly or Annual and clicked Renew, you will then be asked to enter and verify your billing and credit card information.


A summary of this process will be displayed when completed. You may print this receipt for your records.

Take note that you can only switch between plans (i.e. Monthly to Yearly, or Yearly to Monthly) once your current plan reaches its expiration.
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