Already Filled

This article explains the "Already Filled" error.


"Already filled"


You may encounter a message that states "Already Filled" once you enter your PIN and click the Accept button. This message indicates that another substitute already accepted the job and the desired position is no longer available.

You will generally encounter this message when another substitute acquired the job between the time you clicked the "Details" button" and when you clicked "Accept."

We recommend you review your refresh rate interval to ensure your app consistently checks for available jobs. This will help you find and accept jobs before other substitutes take the desired position.

To review your setup, click on the Settings tab within your Jobulator app.


Check the Refresh Interval setting and ensure it is set to one minute. If you need to make an adjustment, simply click the range meter and move it to the far right until it states "Check every minute." 


This will ensure that Jobulator checks your Absence Management account for new jobs as often as possible!