Entered an Invalid PIN

This article expplains the "Entered an Invalid PIN" error.


"Entered an Invalid PIN"


This message indicates that you have entered an incorrect PIN number when attempting to log in to the Jobulator system.

 Option 1

We first recommend that you re-enter your PIN. This will ensure you did not mistakenly enter the wrong credentials.

 Option 2

If the attempt proves unsuccessful, try to log in to your Absence Management account. The system uses your Absence Management phone PIN to activate the Jobulator program, so Jobulator will not recognize your login credentials if your Absence Management account is inactive.

If you are able to log in to Absence Management, it is likely that your Jobulator account is still active. If, however, you cannot log in to the Absence Management system, you will need to contact your Absence Management administrator regarding the status of your Absence Management account.

If your phone PIN worked in the Absence Management system but you continue to have trouble, please contact us through our web form for additional troubleshooting options.