What's My PIN?



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Jobulator uses the same PIN that is used to access the phone system for your Absence Management account (formerly known as Aesop). That said, it is important to note the following callout: 

If your district is on the Insights Platform, your Absence Management password will contain letters and numbers (alpha-numeric). You should not use this alpha-numeric password to log into Jobulator. Rather, for Jobulator, use the 4-6 digit PIN number that you would use to access Absence Management over the phone.

The following graphic outlines this concept:


Locating your PIN in Absence Management

You can locate your Phone PIN in one of two places, depending on your system setup.

Insights Platform Setup

If your district is on the Insights Platformyou will log in to the Absence Management application and go to Preferences > Phone Credentials. From there, you will find your district phone PIN.


"Legacy" Setup

If your district has not yet upgraded to the Insights Platform and your district has an email address associated with your Absence Management credentials, you can find your phone PIN through this link: https://www.aesoponline.com/forgot_pin.asp

The system will send a credential recovery email to the email address affiliated with your Absence Management credentials. (If you do not receive the retrieval email, please Submit a Request to Jobulator support.)