Understanding Jobulator

Curious about Jobulator? This article will provide clarity about the app's functionality and overall capabilities! 

Jobulator is a job-seeking app that substitutes can download directly to their mobile devices. This subscription-based service checks for jobs and notifies substitutes of absences, as they become available. 

 Easy Access

Jobulator is designed for on-the-go access. It allows substitutes to use their mobile device to accept jobs, and it "frees" subs from being tied to a computer. (*While Jobulator offers this convenience, substitutes still always have the option to alternately log in to Absence Management from a computer or to call in to hear available assignments.)

 Frontline Approved

Jobulator is the only "official" Frontline Absence Management companion app for substitutes, and with this benefit, the app follows all the preference list settings created in Absence Management, as defined by the district.

Jobulator never allows a substitute to accept a job before it would normally become available to them online, nor does it show assignments to substitutes if they wouldn’t normally be qualified to see the job. (*These settings/configurations include adherence to visibility settings for preferred substitutes.)

 Quick Notifications

Once a job becomes available to a given substitute (in accordance with the district’s settings), Jobulator will send that substitute a push notification. This courtesy notification is convenient for the substitute and helps boost fill rates for your district.