Jobulator Sunset

This article outlines the upcoming changes for Frontline's Jobulator application.


Since its launch in 2009, the Jobulator app has been a pioneering mobile tool for notifying paid users about open substitute positions. Thousands of substitutes have benefitted from its mobile-first features tailored specifically for their needs.

In 2020, as one of the ways we accelerated our support for schools during the pandemic, we introduced substitute features in our free Frontline Mobile App, which received an overwhelmingly positive response. Currently, the app boasts a 4.7 rating from approximately 45,000 users. Last school year alone, nearly 500,000 substitutes filled around 10 million jobs using the app, making it one of the most popular and highly rated apps in the K-12 industry.

As we continue to innovate within the free Frontline Mobile App, we have made the decision to sunset the Jobulator app. We believe this move will provide a more streamlined and efficient experience for our customers, with enhanced features and seamless integration available in the Frontline Mobile App.

We know that customers appreciate Jobulator and that this change might be an adjustment, but we are confident that the benefits of the Frontline Mobile App will greatly enhance your overall experience.


Starting July 3, 2024, the Jobulator app will no longer be supported, and it will be fully decommissioned on December 31, 2024. Annual subscribers who choose and request to discontinue their subscription will be eligible for prorated refunds beginning July 3, 2024.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us for assistance. You can also reference the Frontline Mobile Learning Center via the resource links below to download the Frontline Mobile app.