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You can log in to both the Jobulator app and Jobulator.com using the email address you first provided during the creation of you Jobulator account, as well as your 4-6 digit Absence Management phone PIN (formerly known as Aesop).

User ID

Your Jobulator login ID differs from your Absence Management credentials in the following ways:


ID Details  
 - Jobulator ID1 Email address (that you used to register at Jobulator.com)
 - Absence ID Phone number (used over the phone and at Aesoponline.com for some users)
 - Absence Username Self-created username for districts using the Frontline Insights Platform. (You can find your Insights Platform username by clicking "I forgot my ID or username" option on the Absence Management sign-in page.")

Additional Notes

  1. Of these options, you would log in to Jobulator with the email address specifically affiliated with the creation of your Jobulator account.


Jobulator uses the same PIN that is used to access the phone system for your Absence Management account. That said, it is important to note the following callout: 

If your district is on the Insights Platform, it means your Absence Management password contains letters and numbers (alpha-numeric). You should not use this alpha-numeric password to log into Jobulator. Rather, for Jobulator, use the 4-6 digit PIN number that you would use to access Absence Management over the phone. Learn more about locating your PIN here.


Login Pages

The login process appears similar to the following examples:

Mobile App




Forgot your email or PIN? Consider referencing the article titled "I forgot my ID or PIN."