Understanding Jobulator

Have you ever heard a fellow colleague or administrator talking about a substitute accepting an assignment through Jobulator and wondered to yourself, what is Jobulator anyway? This article helps provide clarity as to what Jobulator can and cannot do.

Jobulator is an app that substitutes can download to their mobile devices. This subscription-based service checks for jobs and notifies substitutes of absences as they become available. Jobulator is the only official Frontline Absence Management companion app for substitutes, and it's been designed to give substitutes access to jobs while they are on the go. Jobulator allows substitutes to accept jobs even if they are not near their computer. While Jobulator offers this convenience, substitutes always have the option of logging in from a computer or calling in to hear available assignments.

Jobulator follows all the preference list settings in Absence Management as defined by the district. Jobulator never allows a substitute to accept a job before it would normally become available to them online, nor does it show assignments to substitutes if they wouldn’t normally be qualified to see the job. So, if your district allows your preferred substitutes to see your absences before other substitutes, Jobulator cannot and will not change that.

Once a job becomes available to a given substitute according to the district’s settings, Jobulator will send that substitute a push notification. This courtesy notification is convenient for the substitute and helpful in boosting fill rates for your district.

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