Delay in Retrieving Your Jobs



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This article explains the "Day in Retrieving Your Jobs" error.


"Delay in Retrieving Your Jobs"


This message may appear if a problem occurs with the Absence and Substitute Management (formerly Aesop) server or with your login information.

It indicates that one or all of the system's servers have experienced trouble while sending you job information. 

To resolve this, go to our website and log in to the "My Account" page. 


Review the district(s) listed on this page and check to ensure you are active in at least one school district that uses Jobulator.


If you do not have any districts listed under the "My Account" page, Jobulator will display the "Delay in Retrieving Your Jobs" error message. This means that either Jobulator is turned off in your district or you are not currently active in the district.

Please check the status of your Absence Management account to verify that you are an active substitute in your district.

If your Absence Management account is active or if you do have a district listed on the My Account page, please contact us through our web form. We will inform you as soon as the issue is resolved.