Details Can't be Retrieved

What does this mean? 

If you click the Details button to find out more information about a particular job, this message may appear to let you know that the job is no longer available. Between the time that your Jobulator notified you and the time that you clicked the details button, one of two things happened:

  1. Another sub accepted that job or
  2. The teacher or administrator is editing the job.

How do I fix it?

Not a great deal can be done for this. Jobulator, Absence Management online, and Absence Management phone are three highways leading to the city of available jobs. In this case, someone else accepted the job just moments before. One setting that you can look into is your refresh interval. Click on the "Settings" tab on Jobulator. Near the bottom of the "General" tab you will find the "Refresh Interval" setting. Make sure it is set to one minute and then click the Save Settings button. That will ensure that Jobulator will be checking your Absence Management account for new jobs as often as possible.

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