Subscription Expired

What does this mean?

This message alerts you to the fact that your subscription has ended.

How do I fix it? 

This can be verified and remedied by logging into the My Account page of our website.  Once logged into "My Account," you can view your subscription end date as well as the ability to "Renew Now."  Renewing your subscription will add an additional year to your subscription end date.

If Jobulator continues to display this message, complete the following steps:

  • Right click (Mac users: hold Control on your keyboard and click) on Jobulator.
  • Choose "Deactivate Jobulator" from the menu that appears.
  • Reactivate Jobulator by entering your email address and pin into Jobulator. *If you do not remember your email address, contact support through our web form.

What if that does not resolve the issue?

If your subscription end date on the My Account page is in the future or if you continue to have trouble after you have tried renewing, please contact support through our web form.

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