Daylight Savings and Jobs Added to Personal Calendars


This article applies to jobs accepted before the daylight savings time change and added to your device calendar. This update does not affect or change the scheduled job in Absence Management or at your district, just within your device's personal calendar app.

Jobulator is designed to account for Daylight Savings Time (DST) changes; however, the Jobulator team recommends that you check jobs that were added to your personal device's calendar prior to the change of DST. We have noticed instances where jobs added to your personal device's calendar using the "Add to Calendar" feature may not display the correct time following the DST time adjustment.

Here is what we recommend just to make sure that all the future dates of your jobs are correct on your devices personal calendar:

  1. Log into your Absence Management account (preferably on a computer so that you can compare with the events on your mobile device) and navigate to the "Scheduled Jobs" tab. This will give you a list of all future scheduled jobs in your Absence Management account.
  2. Next, open the calendar on your mobile device. (Please note that this is not the calendar tab in the Jobulator application, but the personal calendar app on your mobile device.)
  3. Finally, compare the start and end times of the jobs in your Absence Management "Scheduled Jobs" tab with the start and end times in your device's personal calendar. If there are any incorrect times on your devices calendar you will simply want to edit that calendar event and adjust the times. 



Note: you will want to compare the times listed in your AM 'Scheduled Jobs' section above with the start and ends time listed on your devices person calendar, like the one pictures below. 







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